Civic Health Project sponsors academic research and applied interventions with high potential to reduce political polarization and foster healthier civil discourse.

Civic Health Project's flagship investment supports current research by the Polarization and Social Change Lab at Stanford University's Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society (PACS).

The Polarization and Social Change Lab is led by PACS Faculty Co-Director   Robb Willer. The Lab employs various empirical and theoretical methods to research cognitive biases that heighten polarization and designs interventions to reduce polarization's negative effects, such as biased political reasoning and affective polarization. 

Researching Debiasing Interventions

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Civic Dialogue

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Civic Health Project is sponsoring a Summer 2019 online conversation series hosted by Living Room Conversations (LRC). 


Sustained, interfaith community dialogue will be fostered through a series of tailored conversation guides that follow the LRC methodology, with the aim of creating empathy and tolerance across religious and ideological differences.

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Civic Health Project is funding an academic fellowship to accelerate AllSides for Schools' delivery of tools and resources to educators who are teaching the media literacy, critical thinking, and civil dialogue skills needed in the 21st century.

AllSides for Schools, a partnership of AllSides and Living Room Conversations, is dedicated to preparing students for thoughtful participation in democracy - and life.

Media Literacy & Civil Discourse

in Schools

Connecting People Across Distance and Divides

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Civic Health Project is underwriting the technical development of, a web-based videoconferencing platform that is purpose built to connect students, civic groups, and individuals "across distance and divides."

Mismatch, a Facebook Community Leadership Program grant recipient, has already been piloted by over 400 middle and high school students and is gearing up for a broader launch ahead of the 2019-20 academic year and 2020 election cycle.

Opening Hearts and Minds Through the Power of Filmmaking 

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Civic Health Project is proud to support The Reunited States, a documentary film project that explores how those with different political views can work together to find common ground in our most basic human values.


Featuring interviews from leading journalists, activists, psychologists, and politicians, “The Reunited States” is a non-partisan exploration of all that unites us, and the people who work tirelessly to strengthen our bonds.

Connecting Researchers and Practicioners to Create Depolarizing Tools

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Civic Health Project was pleased to sponsor an October 2019 convening of leading researchers and practicioners, who are collectively engaged in the important work of identifying leading strategies and interventions to reduce affective polarization and foster healthier civil discourse in the U.S. and globally.  Prof. Jonathan Haidt (author of The Righteous Mind) and OpenMind Platform's Executive Director Caroline Mehl hosted and led this invitation-only event.

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