Civic Health Project is deploying massively scalable solutions to America’s dangerous divisions so that our relationships, communities, and country can thrive.


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America needs bold, scalable solutions to overcome the forces of division. We advance pioneering approaches with massive potential to scale, mobilizing resources across the domains of technology, entertainment, field building, and research.

Imagine a future where Americans demand that our political leaders solve problems collaboratively, demonstrate renewed faith in our social and political institutions, build connected and resilient communities, and celebrate our differences as our strengths. That is the future Civic Health Project is working towards, and it is within our reach.

How do we make this future a reality? We must empower all Americans to reject and overcome the forces of division, and we must do so with speed and at a massive scale, so we can fulfill our shared aspirations for a peaceful, prosperous, and democratic future.

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We believe they are. Here’s why:

So, are we polarized or not? Which of these statements is true?