Prescriptions for a Healthier Democracy

Our Mission

Civic Health Project is dedicated to reducing polarization and creating healthier civic discourse in our citizenry, politics, and media.


We partner with leading academics and practitioners to design and execute projects that deliver measurable improvements in rationality, empathy, and decision outcomes for the sake of a healthier,

more functional democracy.

Our Approach

We sponsor and promote academic research and practical interventions that address the human behavioral roots of political choice and civil discourse.

Specifically, we support transformative, cross-disciplinary academic research into the causes and consequences of eroding civic discourse, especially human beviour patterns that hinder healthy political decision-making. We tap academic experts from the fields of psychology, sociology, philosophy, political science, and computer science.


We also support the efforts of leading practitioners in disseminating training, tools, and methodologies that are shown to be effective in reducing polarization, increasing empathy and rationality, and improving overall civic health.


We seek to foster collaborative interaction between leading academics and practitioners, ensuring that hands-on approaches to reducing polarization and improving civil discourse are informed by the latest, most compelling academic research.  


We use targeting, incentives, and measurement to ensure in a hands-on way that the research and tools we promote are reaching intended audiences and delivering measurable improvements in civic health.


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We spotlight the theories, stories, and tools helping to cure hyper-polarization and improve civic health.


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