Our Grantees and Strategic Projects

We pursue this mission primarily by investing in strategic, game-changing initiatives that reduce political division and foster social cohesion at massive scale, while also inviting other funders to join us in accelerating our philanthropic impact.

Our grantmaking and strategic projects span three categories:

Bridge Builders

We invest in a rigorously vetted portfolio of nonprofit, nonpartisan organizations that empower individuals, strengthen interpersonal relationships, and equip institutions for the sake of America’s cross-partisan civic health and well being. Every day, we are inspired by the rapid growth, increased collaboration, and measurable impact of “bridge builders” whose programs and interventions center on transforming norms and incentives for the sake of America’s long-term civic health.

Culture Changers

We invest in unleashing the creative energy of “culture changers” – storytellers, screenwriters, filmmakers, and others – whose powerful narratives can help Americans tell different, better stories about ourselves and others. We believe strongly in the power of these creative individuals and teams to help shift societal norms and incentives quickly and at scale.

Insight Seekers

We invest in social science research by “insight seekers” at America’s leading institutions of higher learning, to ensure that the interventions we back are grounded in academically sound theories of change. Our dedication to measurement, evaluation, and evidence-based outcomes – explored further in this white paper – has inspired new measurement approaches by practitioners, while also yielding highly encouraging results among the interventions we fund.

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