We make new grants based on Civic Health Project’s strategic priorities and invest according to the following criteria:

Alignment. We fund initiatives aligned with our core mission of reducing toxic partisan polarization and enabling healthier public discourse and decision-making across our citizenry, politics, and media.

Potential for Scale. When funding programs, we look for organizations with significant growth potential, and the ability to scale operations to influence the lives of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people.

Impact. We support initiatives that deliver measurable outcomes for the sake of a healthier, more functional democracy. Grantees have a clearly defined strategy for reaching their intended audience and methods for assessing the impact of their work.

Nonpartisan. We seek organizations whose sole purpose is restoring civic health in our country, not advancing a partisan political agenda.

We want our grantees to have the greatest impact possible and provide support beyond our financial investment. CHP’s Grantee partners become part of a broad network of practitioners and academic researchers that can amplify their work. 
Where possible, we:

Provide knowledge on topics where we have expertise or experience;

Make introductions to relevant contacts in our network who might offer useful insights, practices, or resources;

Connect grantee partners to help them exchange ideas, build relationships, and share successful practices.


We generally identify new grantee partners from within our network of contacts. Civic Health Project does not accept unsolicited proposals. If you have a program or project that you believe Civic Health Project should have on its radar, let us know about it.

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