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Civic Health Project invests in initiatives that deliver measurable outcomes and are committed to impact assessment.

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Civic Health Project is supporting the “Depolarization Challenge,” a unique online experiment to crowdsource depolarization interventions. As part of this project, researchers at Stanford University’s Polarization and Social Change Lab, MIT’s Human Cooperation Lab, and Northwestern University’s Political Science Research Lab are designing a “measurement tool” to assess the effectiveness of these depolarization interventions. One objective of this effort is to provide a measurement approach for organizations across the country that will:

  • Enable practitioners to measure the effectiveness of their initiatives 
(ie, how much did a given initiative succeed in reducing affective polarization among participants)
  • Provide accountability metrics for funders and others supporting depolarization efforts

As part of its commitment to impact measurement, Living Room Conversations engaged the Fetzer Institute in 2019-20 to conduct a robust independent program evaluation. Through a yearlong, multi-phase evaluation involving surveys and interviews, Fetzer Institute provided LRC with data on the impact of its programs on participants’ behavior and attitudes. The data obtained through the study are being used to inform program design and ensure that LRC achieves its desired outcomes with regard to healing societal divides.

One America works with academics, neuroscientists and experts in conflict prevention, identity formation and psychology to design and evaluate its programs. Their impact measurement is conducted in partnership with Over Zero, Beyond Conflict, and The Peace and Conflict Neuroscience Lab at the University of Pennsylvania. Anonymous surveys taken before and after program activities provide One America with data that highlight the success of their programs.

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