Ann Reidy, Director of Strategic Initiatives

As Civic Health Project’s Director of Strategic Initiatives, Ann works to identify and amplify promising, scalable efforts to transform partisan conflict and dismantle the destructive “us versus them” dynamics that are fueling our current political crisis and tearing the social fabric of our country.
In addition to her work with the Civic Health Project, Ann has led the incubation of Bridge Entertainment Labs (formerly known as the Center for Entertainment & Civic Health), an initiative focused on inspiring storytelling that popularizes the practice of courageous and empathetic engagement across political and social divides. Ann is also the Founder and Director of American Pals, a national schools-based bridging initiative.
Ann brings leadership experience in academia, non-profit management, and secondary education to her work at Civic Health Project. She holds a BA in Literature from UC Santa Cruz and a PhD from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.