Understanding our Cognitive Biases

How might our pre-existing biases affect our decisions and perceptions of people, especially ones we don't know? How can we match our perceptions to reality? Find out how bias affects your politics, and how you can start to change it.

Understanding our Political Leanings

Want to know where you fall on the political spectrum? Want to find out what other perspectives you're missing out on? In our clinic, you can identify your political positioning and begin interacting with people of different perspectives!

Consuming a Healthier Media Diet

Media and social media have considerable power to broaden or narrow our perspectives, and to connect or divide us as people. The resources listed below can help you consume a healthier, more balanced diet of news, information and opinions.

Practicing Healthier Civil Discourse

So you've learned about morals, bias, and the political spectrum, and you're consuming a more balanced media diet. Now it's time to put your knowledge and skills into practice. Learn how you can navigate healthier, more open conversations below!

Resources for Educators

Political polarization is an issue that affects everyone, including our nation’s youth. Students need help navigating today’s highly polarizing media, social media, and political landscape. This clinic points educators to tools and resources that will help your students to build skills in media literacy, bias awareness, critical thinking, and how to engage in respectful dialogue across differences.