PRESS RELEASE: Civic Health Project, Democracy Fund Voice, Einhorn Collaborative, and Fetzer Institute Announce “The Red and Blue Carpet Premiere” Livestream Event to Launch The Reunited States Documentary

Kristin Hansen • January 28, 2021 • 7 min read

Civic Health Project, Democracy Fund Voice, Einhorn Collaborative, and the Fetzer Institute, co-sponsors of the documentary film The Reunited States, announced today that they will host the film’s “Red and Blue Carpet Premiere,” a livestream event on Thursday, February 11th, at 5:00 pm PT / 8:00 PM ET. In an effort to reach the widest audience possible with this timely film that amplifies hope and solutions to our divisions, the filmmaking team is making the livestream event free and open to the public upon registration here. The film releases tomorrow (Friday, January 29th) in Virtual Cinemas and on Tuesday, February 9th across multiple VoD platforms.

Featuring the film’s Executive Producers Van Jones (CNN) and Meghan McCain (The View) and a lively discussion with the film’s director and cast, the virtual premiere will be an evening of hope, cinema, unique experiences, and surprise guests. Cast member Susan Bro, mother of counterprotestor Heather Heyer who was killed in 2017’s Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA, will speak about her efforts to bridge divides since losing her daughter to a hate crime. 

Watch the film’s trailer here.

This 80-minute livestream event will launch The Reunited States, a powerful new documentary that follows unsung heroes on the difficult journey of bridging our country’s political and racial divides. These deeply personal stories highlight that while our divisions run deeper than we ever imagined, so does the hope and love to bring our country back together. 

“What makes The Reunited States so powerful is that it actually gives us solutions of how to approach these problems. It reminds us that, if we’re going to bring our country together, each and every one of us has a role to play,” said Van Jones. Added Meghan McCain, “The Reunited States gives us something we all need right now: hope.” 

Watch the film’s trailer here.

More than just a film release party, the Red and Blue Carpet Premiere will celebrate everyday Americans who are working tirelessly to overcome our differences, and providing solutions for the rest of us to do the same.

The Reunited States is set for nationwide release on 2/9/21 across Amazon, iTunes, and various VoD platforms. During this time of peak division in America, Ben Rekhi’s of-the-moment documentary takes on new relevance with its stories of everyday heroes on the difficult journey of bridging our political and racial divides. 

Gillian Gonda, Program Director of Movement Building at Fetzer Institute said, “The Reunited States documentary is a healing balm for Americans weary of infighting, division, and disaffection at every level of society. This film shows us that repair is possible when we open our hearts, listen deeply, identify our common values, and address our common challenges. It should be on the watch list of every American looking for inspiration and tangible ways to surmount seemingly intractable divisions.

Einhorn Collaborative’s Jenn Hoos Rothberg, Executive Director, added, “In this moment of deep polarization, it’s easy to feel hopeless, but the dominant narrative is not the full story. The Reunited States humanizes people who are bridging divides in America. It uses vivid and real stories to demonstrate the agency each of us has to be part of the repair our country so desperately needs. Einhorn Collaborative is honored to support this beautiful, timely film.”  

According to Laura Maristany, Associate Director for Constructive Politics at Democracy Fund Voice, “The Reunited States documentary is a beautiful and timely reminder that what unites us is greater than what divides us, and that intentional acts by individual Americans like those in the film can lead us toward ‘a more perfect union.’”

Rob Romero, Civic Health Project founder stated, “We couldn’t be more thrilled that The Reunited States is releasing when millions of Americans are primed and receptive to a message that encourages bridging across our divides. We are pleased to simultaneously welcome the film’s director, Ben Rekhi, as the newest member of Civic Health Project’s Advisory Council.”

The Reunited States documentary was featured in 13 film festivals during 2020 and is supported by the 250+ member organizations of the Listen First Coalition, whose mission is to “bring Americans together across differences to transform division and contempt into unity and connection.” The film is inspired by Mark Gerzon’s book The Reunited States: How We Can Bridge the Partisan Divide, available as a free e-book download.

Civic Health Project is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting healthier discourse and decision-making across our citizenry, politics, and media. Through grantmaking and advocacy, CHP supports initiatives that empower Americans to reject tribal partisanship and come together to solve our nation’s greatest challenges.

Democracy Fund Voice is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to helping America build a stronger, healthier democracy. Like our sister organization, Democracy Fund, we are working to ensure our political system is responsive to the public and able to meet the greatest challenges facing our nation.

Einhorn Collaborative is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to addressing America’s growing crisis of connection. We work with a wide range of cultural influencers, researchers, community leaders, and funders to help Americans build stronger relationships, embrace our differences, and rediscover our shared humanity, so we can solve our most urgent challenges together.

The Fetzer Institute, through its mission to help build the spiritual foundation for a loving world,seeks to catalyze a global movement that encourages personal spiritual exploration and new ways of knowing our sacred world. Its collaborations focus on areas such as the health of our democracy and the landscape of spirituality in society. The Institute believes that nurturing transformed communities in which all people can flourish requires us to go beyond political, social, and economic strategies to address the psychological and spiritual roots of our world’s most critical issues.