Civic Health Project’s team members bring diverse leadership expertise from academia, finance, technology, and the non-profit sector. Collectively, we are dedicated to supporting and showcasing the most promising efforts to reduce affective polarization and improve collaboration across partisan divides.

Rob Romero, Founder

Rob Romero founded Civic Health Project in recognition of the fact that acrimony and incredulity towards opposing views (and the people who hold these views) has deepened in recent years, especially in the wake of the 2016 presidential election.

Rob is a passionate advocate for research, insights, and tools that help human behavior, social media, and democracy to “play better” together, reducing the corrosive forces of polarization. Prior to founding Civic Health Project, Rob supported multiple projects and initiatives to enhance media literacy and civic reasoning.

Rob is currently CEO of Connective Capital, an investor in emerging growth companies. Prior to launching Connective, Rob held leadership roles in marketing and engineering at Cisco and various tech startups. Rob earned his BA in Economics, BS in Electrical Engineering, and MS in Engineering Economic Systems from Stanford University.

Kristin Hansen

Kristin Hansen, Executive Director

As the Executive Director of Civic Health Project, Kristin is dedicated to accelerating the efforts of academics and practitioners who seek to reduce polarization and improve civil discourse in our citizenry, politics, and media.

In addition to her role at Civic Health Project, Kristin serves as Director of AllSides Connect, and sits on the advisory boards of AllSides and the National Conversation Project. She also serves as a lecturer in strategic communications at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

Prior to her current work in civil discourse, Kristin held senior executive roles at Intel, IBM, and multiple start-up software companies. She holds a BA in Political Science and an MA in International Policy Studies from Stanford University, and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Ann Reidy, Director of Operations

As Civic Health Project’s Director of Operations, Ann works to identify and help amplify promising, scalable efforts to reduce polarization in American society.

In addition to her work with the Civic Health Project, Ann is the Founder and Director of American Pals, a national schools-based bridging initiative. She is also conducting research on the vast landscape of bridging ventures across the United States.
Ann brings leadership experience in academia, non-profit management, and secondary education to her work at Civic Health Project. She holds a BA in Literature from UC Santa Cruz and a PhD from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Bob Quinn, Partner

For more than 25 years Bob has held leadership positions in internet and mobile software development at companies ranging from IBM and Apple to a number of Silicon Valley startups, where his focus has been on AI and health technology.

Prior to his commercial work, Bob carried out research in the application of cognitive social psychology and decision analysis to public health policy at Harvard University. He holds a PhD in cognitive science from the University of Colorado and a BA from Dartmouth College.

Bob joined Civic Health Project with the goal of using his background in technology, social science and healthcare to help diagnose and treat our civic health challenges.

Judy Wang, Operations Manager

Judy supports administration and operations on behalf of Civic Health Project. She has previously worked for Investment Promotion Agency and Microsoft Corporation.

Judy has a master’s degree in business management from the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom.

Cambria Findley-Grubb, Social Media & Web Marketing Manager

As the Social Media and Web Marketing Manager, Cambria amplifies the message of decreasing affective polarization through the organization’s social media and web presence.

Prior to Civic Health Project, Cambria worked to leverage community members in volunteerism and civic engagement through the American Red Cross and UNICEF USA. In addition, Cambria completed a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship in Nova Scotia, Canada, studying the impact of education policy on indigenous populations and examining issues of educational justice. Cambria holds a Triple BA in Political Science, Peace Studies, and Religious Studies from Chapman University, and a MA in Political Communication from the University of Florida.