Invest in Our Philanthropic Funds

Looking to make a bigger impact? Join the movement to strengthen America’s political and social fabric, by making a sizable contribution to one or more of our nonpartisan, nonprofit philanthropic funds.

Read below to find out how to make a contribution or download our Investor Prospectus.

How it Works:

Each of our philanthropic investment funds, described below, supports a mix of grantmaking and strategic incubation activities that meet our criteria of (1) being grounded in social science theory, (2) having a rigorous impact evaluation approach, and (3) demonstrating clear potential to scale.

Because Civic Health Project covers all of our operational costs through the sustained financial support of our co-founder Rob Romero, 100% of investments in the philanthropic funds described below are redistributed as grants to nonpartisan, nonprofit organizations, typically within 6-12 months of receiving the funds.

Bridge Builders Fund

By contributing to the Bridge Builders Fund, you are augmenting our ability to make seed grants to the most effective individual leaders and organizations in America’s rapidly growing bridge-building field.

Explore our Bridge Builders Portfolio.

Culture Changers Fund

By contributing to the Culture Changers Fund, you are helping us tap the magic of popular entertainment as a medium for transcending Americans’ deepest divides and opening us up to one another’s humanity and dignity.

Explore our Culture Changers Portfolio.

Insight Seekers Fund

By contributing to the Insight Seekers Fund, you are enabling us to sustain and nurture a dynamic, interconnected network of leading academics, research hubs, in-house experts, and engaged practitioners who are pushing the science forward quickly on how to measure and evaluate the efficacy of the bridge-building field and adjacent efforts.

Explore our Insight Seekers Portfolio.

If you are interested in making a contribution to one or more of our strategic funds, please contact

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