Want to know where you fall on the political spectrum? Want to find out what other perspectives you're missing out on? In our clinic, you can identify your political positioning and begin interacting with people of different perspectives!

Identify your political typology.

Ever wanted to know where you fell on the political spectrum? From solid liberal to core conservative, this test can help you identify your own political typology. [Credit: Pew Research Center]

Take this survey to learn how you can grow past polarized politics.

Not only can you identify your political position, but you can also gather some suggestions for depolarization with this survey from the Institute for Cultural Evolution. Navigate your level of polarization and learn how to improve upon it here! [Credit: Institute for Cultural Evolution]

Take the Hidden Tribes Quiz to better identify your leanings.

Understand what is pulling us apart and find what can bring us back together with this quiz on the Hidden Tribes of America. Find out which tribe best describes you, so that you can start bridging the aisle. [Credit: Hidden Tribes] 


Learn more about the mission behind Hidden Tribes of America.

From America's dissatisfaction with polarization to the steps we can take to stop it, explore their work. [Credit: Hidden Tribes] 


See how midterm elections interacted with Hidden Tribes of America.

Review their update regarding the 2018 midterm elections, including who came out to vote and who's turning tides. [Credit: Hidden Tribes] 


Actively engage with people of different viewpoints.

Use the Reddit thread, "Change my View (CMV). On politics, social issues, and more, users can discuss their perspectives candidly and openly. [Credit: Reddit]

Listen to the Changed My Mind podcast from the Depolarization Project.

In this podcast, hosts invite guests to tell them about a substantive issue they have changed their mind on. [Credit: Depolarization Project]

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