Social media can polarize as much as it can connect. See our suggestions below to see how you can cleanse your newsfeed and hear from all different perspectives.

Subscribe to AllSides for a daily, balanced diet of news coverage.

See news by media outlets from the left, right and center. AllSides filters and labels news stories and topics through its robust, proprietary media bias algorithm. Also peruse AllSides' educational resources for understanding media bias. [Credit: AllSides]

Subscribe to RealClearPolitics.

Receive a daily highlights reel of political and other news stories curated from a range of media sources, including RCP's own editorial team. [Credit: RealClearPolitics]

Explore ProCon.org

Delve deeper into the "pro" and "con" arguments of controversial issues.  ProCon uses professional researchers and rigorous editorial standards to explore more than 70 issues such as gun control, the death penalty, illegal immigration, and alternative energy. [Credit: ProCon]


Explore the Center for Humane Technology's online resources and communities.

Learn more about how our technology and media are causing a "human downgrading" that adversely impacts our individual -- and societal -- health and well being as a human species.  [Credit: Center for Humane Technology]

Install the Newsguard Chrome extension

Newsguard adds "nutrition labels to your incoming news sources based on their accuracy, credibility, and trustworthiness. Newsguard's labeling process is managed by a 24/7 team of analysts and covers more than 2,000 news and information sites [Credit: Newsguard.com]

Download the Read Across the Aisle mobile app.

Read Across the Aisle allows you to "peek outside your filter bubble" and see what other people are reading ... it's like "a Fitbit for your filter bubble!"

Watch Tristan Harris' manifesto.

Harris expresses today's need to "upgrade" humanity in the face of unprecedented technology and powerful social media platforms.

Sharpen your literary skills with the News Literary Project. 

Meant for learners of all ages and teachers alike, the News Literary Project helps you access the whole truth and become more news-literate.

Assess your ability to filter through online content.

Using Stanford's Civic Online Reasoning Assessments, you can avoid being duped by misinformation and false claims with these classroom-friendly, flexible, and formative student assessments.

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