So you've consumed the right media and learned about morals, bias, and the political spectrum. Now it's time to put that knowledge into practice. Learn how you can navigate healthier, more open conversations below!

Watch this TED Talk on "how to free yourself from your filter bubbles."

Check out how you can open yourself to diverse information sources and speak with people who hold different perspectives than your own.


Watch this TED Talk on "how to lead a conversation between people who disagree."

This talk also introduces the idea of dialogue journalism to TED audiences. [Credit: Eve Pearlman, Spaceship Media and TED]

Read this article on the five principles of better arguments.

These principles enable people to come together and discuss issues more productively. [Credits: Conor Friedensdorf, The Atlantic; Better Arguments Project, Aspen Institute]

Pledge to #ListenFirst.

By listening first with the National Conversation Project and the Listen First Coalition, you'll be updated on opportunities to join national conversations on key issues. [Credits: National Conversation Project, ListenFirst Coalition]

Host or join a conversation with Living Room Conversations.

Living Room Conversations is a grass-roots, "open source" project that focuses on healing divides through respectful, structured conversations.  Living Room Conversations can be in-person or online, via video. [Credit: Living Room Conversations]


Attend a workshop hosted by Better Angels.

Better Angels brings "red" and "blue" Americans together in balanced numbers to hash out complex issues through deep, facilitated interaction. Better Angels is building "a working alliance to depolarize America." [Credit: Better Angels]

Download and use the "Text Talk Civility" app.

You'll receive a series of text messages that guides your participating group through a conversation on civility: why it matters in our lives, how we can create more of it, and how it can be strengthened in our politics. The text messages include videos, polling questions and discussion questions. [Credit: University of Arizona]

Sign up for Hi From the Other Side.

Hi From the Other Side's simple, online matching algorithm matches you with people who hold different perspectives and allows you to engage in 1:1 conversation. The matching algorithm helps you find local conversation partners, so you can arrange to meet up in person.

Watch this TED Talk on how you can have better political conversations. 

From Robb Willer, a social psychologist who studies the forces that unite and divide us, this video provides insights on how we might bridge the ideological divide and offers some intuitive advice for better persuasion.

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