A social psychological approach to understanding human moral reasoning - and how that influences our politics.

Watch this video for a 3-minute tutorial on Moral Foundations Theory.

Moral Foundations Theory helps explain our diverse viewpoints on political topics. Learning about the positive moral values that motivate ourselves and others can help each of us to understand -- and even feel empathy towards -- viewpoints that might otherwise seem intolerable. [Credit: Fig. 1 by University of California]


Watch this video for a 3-minute tutorial on moral reframing.

Moral reframing offers a way for people on two sides of an issue to come together around our shared moral values. By emphasizing the common ground between us, we can also find common language that makes hot topics easier to discuss. [Credit: The Atlantic]


Take a survey on

Your Morals is an online research lab that gathers and shares insight about people’s moral foundations, beliefs, and values.  Take one or more online surveys at to learn about your own moral foundations and to contribute to the ongoing research. [Credit:]


Take the online course on OpenMind Platform.

OpenMind Platform is a free interactive platform designed to “depolarize communities and foster mutual understanding across differences.” OpenMind offers a simple, five-step program to individuals, groups, and classrooms seeking more empathetic interactions at all levels. [Credit:]


Explore the research on

This organization aims to connect individuals and groups with the latest academic research about polarization. Browse CivilPolitics to learn more about how and why we are becoming hyperpolarized, and what we can all do about it. [Credit:]

Watch this TED Talk 

Jonathan Haidt explains how five moral values form the basis of people's political stances. [Credit: TED Talk] 

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